Welcome to the PT Lab 

We're not a gym membership we're a coaching membership.

At the PT Lab Evergreen's medical staff harness their broad knowledge about injury, fuller recovery, and performance to guide you while you are working hard to achieve your strength and fitness goals. No injury is required. We start with a thorough movement and medical history assessment. We use that to create a smart workout plan to keep you going without interruptions. 


It's a simple and smart concept.

Many people have a history of injuries that cause them hesitancy with exercise programs. Many have started and quit or had interruptions when difficulties surface. Some just aren't sure what exercises are helpful or harmful. Are any of these you?

At the PT Lab we feel it's time for everyone to get back to "school" for their own lifetime of health. We feel that consistent, incremental progress gets you where you want to be. We understand complex health or injury concerns. We study compensations. And we know that attention to your concerns and clarity of guidance creates a path to attaining the goals you have for yourself  

PT Lab Memberships 

  • With no long term contracts, you can switch levels to meet your current goals.
  • Grad school level PTs and ATCs, guidance on site for workout assessment and advice. Makes it easy to ‘see’ what your concern is and provide smart direction. 

  • Free classes included with memberships , number varies by level . 

  • Included class selection: strength and mobility for men and women, balance training,  yoga, weightlifting technique fundamentals, Pilates, Senior fitness and balance, with more to come. 
  • Easy parking 
  • Smart Health community events, education, workshops,  created for our membership. 
  • Discounted rates for all additional services with class pass options increasing access to variety.
  • Current PT patients who are discharged from PT that join as a new member, will receive their second month of membership free.



  • 6 days / week access to facility and equipment 5 am - 8 pm M-F, 6 am - 2 pm Sat, Closed Sunday. 
  • Entry Movement Screen- establishes your baseline fitness level
  • Orientation to all equipment 
  • Staff on hand for advice and consults
  • 2 Free group classes per week, class size 6 and up ( Access the class calendar below. ) 
  • Discounted 1:1 wellness services & small group services.
  • Class passes of 10 and 20, with ability to mix and match services, at additional discounts. 



  • All benefits of Basic 
  • 30-minute monthly programming session with PT or ATC  
  • 3 Free members’ classes per week, class size 6 and up ( Access the class calendar below. ) 

Evergreen Coach


  • All the benefits of the Basic and Premium packages.
  • Unlimited group classes, class size 6 and up, including special event classes ( Access the class calendar below. ) 
  • One scheduled 30-min private session per week with PT / ATC who will craft your fitness program for the week, keep you on track, and guide you through learning more about your body and how it works. This is especially great for those who are transitioning out of clinical PT, for those with more complex bodies, or for those who just want to get better at getting better.
  • Add your immediate family members to this plan for the price of the Premium membership.

Not sure about a monthly membership yet? Try us out with a $30 daily rate. (Access to gym equipment and equipment use training from our staff. Limited access to any free education we may offer. Priority given to monthly members.)

No contracts. Pick the plan that fits you when you need it. Some limitations and restrictions may apply. Call us for more info.


We Are Here For You

Our PT Lab Team is here to make sure you know how to use all of our unique equipment, to guide you, to answer your questions, and to make sure you are well cared for. We are here to keep the place clean and organized, and to give you high-5s for putting in the work. We also are here to build a community that is smart and fun and educated about their health. 

Ask us anything , we are here for you. 

PT Lab Testimonials


Why Julianne Loves being a PT Lab Member 


There's a unique story behind everyone's fitness journey. Finding the right membership that fits your journey is important as Julianne can tell you from her experience at the PT Lab.

I have been a member of the PT Lab for the past 3 months and continue to be amazed and grateful.

It is tailor made for each of us, to provide all we need. I first got involved because of my frozen shoulder, which I have had for the past year. I took the classes to build up my strength and flexibility, and the individual coaching has pushed me to go further than I would by myself. I see dramatic improvement and also appreciate the educational workshops that help me to consciously work on my posture and form as we learn about the back, shoulders, hip, etc. It is also fun, with a team of caring professionals and family always around to lend a helping hand, and to enjoy a game of pickleball.

The PT Lab is one of a kind- and I strongly recommend everyone giving it a try.


I truly believe everyone would be better off with PT Lab in their life.

I've been active in recent years, but when I started working on building strength via outside exercise classes, pain and injuries started popping up- shoulder, back, hip flexor, hamstring. The PT Lab offers what I haven't found anywhere else: having a physical therapy approach and knowledge while I'm working out, so I can build strength and flexibility healthily.

It's extremely valuable to me that instructors and staff have such deep expertise and are so welcoming plus easy to access. As individuals and together, they carefuly and effectively help me to take care of my specific strengths and weaknesses ina well-equipped setting where I feel at ease. I've also really enjoyed the small classes and the Lab's positive, laid-back vibe, and it's exciting to see that after a few moths at the Lab I'm stronger, more flexible, and my body moves better. This is a great way to set myself up for a healthy future!


"A PT Lab membership is nothing like your average gym membership."

-- and that's a wonderful thing. 


It combines the best of both the typical big box gyms and small boutique gyms by offering high-end equipment (SKI-ERG, Rogue Echo bikes, indoor turf), small group classes tailored to the community's needs, and trainers on hand all the time to correct form/answer any questions. Not to mention, it does this all in a manner allowing folks of all ages to feel safe taking part.

To get any of these benefits, let alone all of them would cost much more at your typical gym, but at the PT Lab you can experience it all with a regular membership. 

A smart and healthy foundation guides everything they do, and the injury-prevention attitude everyone in the Lab has is a huge benefit. As someone who has gone through many injuries and had one particularly stubborn one, it's extremely comforting to know I'll never have to worry about making an injury worse when I go to work out at the Lab. On the flip side, if you've been lucky enough not to be injured or aren't currently injured, it's a fantastic place to work on your fitness goals and train for the next level. 


It's also been a real confidence boost to be able to learn proper techniques for using equipment you might not have used much before like barbells or the multi-purpose TRX. 


The sense of community is truly embodied here, it's not just a nice slogan. 


People know your name, you can work out with Dave every day of the week if you want, and everyone values feedback on the kinds of classes and opportunities they offer. And if you come early or late you might even be able to request a favorite song or playlist.

I truly don't know of another place like the PT Lab. It's a real gem!” ~ Amanda

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