Welcome to the PT Lab 

At the PT Lab Evergreen's medical staff harness their broad knowledge about injury, fuller recovery, and performance to guide you while you are working hard to achieve your strength and fitness goals. No injury is required. We start with a thorough movement and medical history assessment. We use that to create a smart workout plan to keep you going without interruptions. 

It's a simple and smart concept.

Many people have a history of injuries that cause them hesitancy with exercise programs. Many have started and quit or had interruptions when difficulties surface. Some just aren't sure what exercises are helpful or harmful . Are any of these you?

At the PT Lab we feel it's time for everyone to get back to "school" for their own lifetime of health. We feel that consistent, incremental progress gets you where you want to be. We understand complex health or injury concerns. We study compensations. And we know that attention to your concerns and clarity of guidance creates a path to attaining the goals you have for yourself  

PT Lab Memberships 

  • With no long term contracts, you can switch levels to meet your current goals.
  • Grad school level PTs and ATCs, guidance on site for workout assessment and advice. Makes it easy to ‘see’ what your concern is and provide smart direction. 

  • Free classes included with memberships , number varies by level . 

  • Included class selection: strength and mobility for men and women, balance training,  yoga, weightlifting technique fundamentals, Pilates, Senior fitness and balance, with more to come. 
  • Easy parking 
  • Smart Health community events, education, workshops,  created for our membership. 
  • Discounted rates for all additional services with class pass options increasing access to variety .



  • 6 days / week access to facility and equipment 5 am - 8 pm M-F, 6 am - 2 pm Sat, Closed Sunday. 
  • Entry Movement Screen- establishes your baseline fitness level
  • Orientation to all equipment 
  • Staff on hand for advice and consults
  • 2 Free group classes per week, class size 6 and up ( Access the class calendar below. ) 
  • Discounted 1:1 wellness services & small group services.
  • Class passes of 10 and 20, with ability to mix and match services, at additional discounts. 



  • All benefits of Basic 
  • 30-minute monthly programming session with PT or ATC  
  • 3 Free members’ classes per week, class size 6 and up ( Access the class calendar below. ) 

Evergreen Scholar


  • All the benefits of the Basic and Premium packages.
  • 4 Free group classes per week, class size 6 and up ( Access the class calendar below. ) 
  • One scheduled 30-min private session per week with PT / ATC who will craft your fitness program for the week, keep you on track, and guide you through learning more about your body and how it works. This is especially great for those who are transitioning out of clinical PT, for those with more complex bodies, or for those who just want to get better at getting better.

(*Small group classes will be offered when local & state Covid-19 guidelines allow.)

Not sure about a monthly membership yet? Try us out with a $30 daily rate. (Access to gym equipment and equipment use training from our staff. Limited access to any free education we may offer. Priority given to monthly members.)

No contracts. Pick the plan that fits you when you need it. Some limitations and restrictions may apply. Call us for more info.


We Are Here For You

Our PT Lab Team is here to make sure you know how to use all of our unique equipment, to guide you, to answer your questions, and to make sure you are well cared for. We are here to keep the place clean and organized, and to give you high-5s for putting in the work. We also are here to build a community that is smart and fun and educated about their health. 

Ask us anything , we are here for you. 

Why PT Lab is a smart choice, and makes a whole lot of sense. 

Everyone has a unique story when it comes to health and fitness. Check out Cheryl's story of protecting her body from wear and tear over the years and why the PT Lab was the best fit for her.  Not only will you get a few laughs but you will see just how mutually beneficial the Lab has become to members and our staff.


You will for sure be inspired. 

We have cutting edge equipment and technology for members to enjoy. Check out Smart-Fit as just one example.

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