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Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists Medical Disclaimer


Any advice, tips, information made available through Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists website, including but not limited to social media posts, blog posts, direct messaging, texting / emails, podcasts, workshops and webinars are not intended to replace or substitute for advice and services from qualified, licensed professionals. Any use should always consult with their physician and / or health care professional team in particular to your personal symptoms or status that might need a diagnosis and / or medical attention. Evergreen PTS makes no warranties or representations with respect to any information provided within or through Evergreen PTS website regarding diagnosis / treatment, actions to take, medication / or nutritional course. 
Evergreen researches and makes every effort to provide up to date, accurate, complete, relevant, and usable information for our website but realize healthcare and medicine is constantly changing. Evergreen attempts to use reliable sources, peer review publications, and evidence based standards and our own clinical experience to broaden our knowledge make available. Users are encouraged to confirm information on their own with other sources. Conclusions and actions drawn by the user are entirely the responsibility of the user. 
While we make every effort to be up to date, we may not be, and in the event you see something published by Evergreen that is not up to date or needs clarification please send an email to David Johnson, Founder / President [email protected] Please be clear on the location and the content you are bringing to our attention so that we may proceed expeditiously with follow up. Thank you. 

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