Nothing is more important to us than your health. It is our mission that from your first phone call to the day you graduate from our care, you’ll feel a peace of mind when it comes to the decision you made about your physical therapy.

As life-long residents of Pasadena, Tammy and I are passionate about serving the needs of our own community. We've gathered the best of the physical therapy disciplines to provide you with three things : 

1. results through smart and attentive health care for those times injuries or conditions occur, and 

2. encouragement through innovative fitness guidance in our PT Lab for your lifetime of health and recreation pursuits, in-spite of injury or conditions. 

3. peace of mind. Perhaps these testimonials say it better than we can. 


I feel it is important for you to know who you are trusting with your health.

You can read about our therapists and staff here.

but also know this...

At Evergreen we live with purpose, following a set of core values. We are inspired by the community we are building. Working together, we trust that you will achieve your healthy goals and aspirations.


Thank you for making that first phone call and welcome to Evergreen!

-Dave Johnson, PT, MPT (President & Owner)

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