health fair partners & sponsors

We love Pasadena and the greater San Gabriel Valley Communities! We want to build an event which not only serves the people of this community, but also highlights our small businesses and organizations. We're always looking to collaborate with other local small businesses, companies, providers, and organizations who share a similar dedication to serving the health and well-being of our community.
Help us serve our community! We'd love to celebrate the way you love Pasadena too!
If you're interested in becoming a health fair partner or partner, fill out the form below or contact us at (626) 683-8536 or email [email protected]
*Due to limited space, not all inquiries may be able to participate.
For answers to frequently asked questions please see the FAQ section below.




  • Are there vendor fees?
    • No, this is a 100% free event. We are about collaboration and community and want to help build a community of like-minded businesses to serve both the Pasadena and larger SGV communities.
  • What was the foot-traffic like at previous events?
    • Last October was our first health fair and we had about 100 people pass through. This year we're anticipating and hoping for a larger turnout... 150+ people this year.
  • How long is the event?
    • The fair will run 10am to 2pm. We're asking our vendors to arrive by 8:30a to set up and orient themselves.
  • Are there other promotional opportunities throughout the event?
    • Yes, we will be hosting raffles for prizes throughout the event. If you wish to offer any promotional/raffle prizes, please let us know in advance so we can plan and promote accordingly.
    • We generally feature partners with a link to their website for up to 6 months after the event, or until the next event takes place. Partners will also be tagged in social media posts prior to and post the event.
  • We are limited in our resources in providing canopy coverings for all of our vendors. We ask for our vendors to provide their own pop-up tents, tables, and promotional materials. 
  • I'd like to become a partner, but can't make it on the day of the fair.
    • That's ok! There are many ways to partner with us and still participate. Partners can donate services, items, or gift cards to be raffled off to attendees. You'll still be featured on our website and via social media as a partner.



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