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I had the privilege of spending a few hours with Cathi Lamberti, CEO of SmartFit in Camarillo Ca., and boy was it fun. It was less than 20 minutes of introduction to the SmartFit training equipment before the smiles, laughs, and high fives were emerging. Our group was all different ages. My wife and I, in our 50s, and several of our athletic kids 20’s, and some of the folks there were older and some were younger. Everyone had a blast. Everyone was challenged. Everyone was surprised. And Cathi was better than most, even a couple of months after some surgery. 

So, what is the big deal with Smart Fit ? 

It is changing the landscape of exercise, it is gaining popularity within the program goals in anti-aging, and it is adding valuable training in return to sports. The Smart Fit software and hardware technology, per Cathi, “gamifies” exercise and gives the person the ability to recover faster, play better and smarter, and gain confidence by combining speed of decision making under the duress of physical exercise challenges and even fatigue. Imagine how your decision making and reaction times are when fresh at the beginning compared to the end of a game or performance, or for that matter at the end of the day of work, or after an hour of a child refusing to do homework and whining about being hungry. 

So, what does all of that mean for me? 

First and foremost, fun.

It is fun. Even if you are not competitive, you can compete against yourself. In a matter of seconds the wheels are turning on how to “beat” the clock, or increase the accuracy of the ABC’s backward when out of breath. The tasks can be as simple as sit to stand, step on step, plank and reach, or several stations of soccer / volleyball drills. 


Second, customization.

Just reacting to lights or targets is of minimal use if it’s not adjusted to a baseline of performance and measured for that “great job” of improvement a few weeks or months down the road. Everyone has their own goals, their own expectations, and combinations of challenges. So one game cannot fit all. But, SmartFit can … because it’s not one game … it’s thousands of options that can be chosen, planned, and tracked for you. 


Third, a revitalized view of exercise.

I’ll admit, I often used the treadmill to just ‘vegge’ or not think. Sort of a quiet time. I’ve seen some read on a treadmill wondering how they do that. But until my afternoon with Cathi at Smart Fit I hadn’t really processed the power of a simple fusion of cognitive thinking challenges while working out. When I saw my 22 year-olds trying to make the other the “L” loser, and then felt myself feeling like, ‘oh, man, this makes me feel old”. I started to sense the power of access to such technology. I started to smile bigger. I really noticed just how Willy Wonka-esque Cathi is as she delighted in seeing others revel in the new challenges of fun exercise. I am convinced her ‘game room’ is more healthy than a Wonka Bar. 


I just want people to start thinking of smarter exercise.

“Anti-aging” sort of sounds like a colonoscopy or men’s pills. I hope that bringing SmartFit to Pasadena soon, will open the channels to fun-ner, smarter, readily accessible exercising of both our bodies and our brains. Ultimately, that powerful combination can be the game changer for giving each of us greater peace of mind in these troubled times. 


Check out their website and get excited! 

Cheers to lifetime health and peace of mind sooner than you expected,



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Dave is the owner and founder of Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists. He and his wife Tammy, an RN at CHLA, opened Evergreen over 15 years ago to provide the community of Pasadena with specialized and compassionate care. David has over 25 years of experience in orthopedics, neuro-rehabilitation, and pediatric physical therapy. 





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