No Long Waits

No long waits here.

Consider this . . . where else could you give someone an club feeling experience of health in a community that has something for everyone, even pickle ball? 


Everyone has different health goals. Everyone also has an inner athlete or performer that is wanting to be coached and developed. That is what we do. We do it well for all ages and stages. We have 10 PTs, an ATC, personal trainers, massage, Pilates, yoga, Laser, strength and conditioning, Smart-Fit balance systems and small group classes or 1:1 options. We have a lot of smiles and laughs too. Our facility is amazing. And it's all under one roof, complete with a skylight. 


And just to be sure folks meet their goals we do initial testing and follow up consults to keep you on target.  We have ask a PT options just to keep your progress from being impeded from things that occur in life along the way. We have a saying that smart, small habits get you there . . . 

Oh, and we have monthly Pickle Ball, 3-4 nets, right in our huge parking lot.

It seems we are the only Pickle Ball Country Club in town, LOL.  


Gift cards of any denomination that you wish to choose are available.

Free PT Lab T-Shirts for gifts over $100. We’ll wrap it up nice too if you want.


Call us 626 683 8536



Cheers to lifetime, smart habit health.



Email me [email protected]



Dave is the owner and founder of Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists. He and his wife Tammy, an RN at CHLA, opened Evergreen over 15 years ago to provide the community of Pasadena with specialized and compassionate care. David has over 25 years of experience in orthopedics, neuro-rehabilitation, and pediatric physical therapy.




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