How to Get Back to Running or Walking Without Injury

Jun 12, 2020

written by Delina Korbel, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

How To Take Advantage And Stay Mentally Healthy With Current The Stay At Home Order 


Did you know running or walking regardless of the distance or intensity can lead to more positive mental well-being and lower mental stress?!(4).

Let’s talk about what might be the best option to get you out of the house and active.


FIRST: You need to ask yourself: Is running right for YOU?

Why starting a running program to “get in shape” isn’t always the right call! 


  • Did you know? 

    • Running increases, the impact on your legs by 2-4x your body weight(1-3)
    • Running adds excessive joint loads at hip, knee, ankle which can lead to overuse and pain(1-3)
    • Take away point: You have to be fit to run! But there is hope. We can teach you some easy tools to prepare your body to get out there and get moving!


SECOND: How to successfully initiate a jogging program.

  • Start with a walking program

    • You should be able to speed walk 2 miles before initiating a jogging program 
  • Consider a body weight strengthening program

    • Get your joints used to dealing with heavier loads
    • This includes lunges, calf raises, and single leg squats. Do these until your legs get tired.
    • Improve your single leg balance mechanics, muscle activation, and strength & gross flexibility. (See next week's blog for more specific details on this!)
  • Wear good footwear

    • No, converse shoes do not count as good running footwear
  • Progress to intermittent walking and jogging

    • Start slow and increase your distance by 10% per week to avoid injury(3)
  • Listen to your body!

    • in the beginning take at least 1 day off in between each run
    • try to keep it to no more than 4x per week(3)
    • If you notice any swelling or increase pain (not general muscle fatigue) take a couple days off and decrease training amount


Get out, be active and stay healthy! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Evergreen Physical Therapy! (626) 683-8536

We are excited to walk or run with you down this road and be your guide to getting life back on track.

We can create customized programs to help you meet your goals and maintain accountability.

Look out for next weeks blog post for specific ways to prepare your body to run.


LAST: Here are some good other resources to help keep you accountable

  • Great (Free) Apps to track steps/ distance/ pace: 

    • STRAVA
    • MapMyRun
    • C25K free version (has built in couch to 5k program)


Please note, this material is intended to be informational and not to be used as medical advice. If  you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Delina Korbel is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics and return to sport injury prevention and concussion management. Her expertise has helped athletes of all skill levels enhance their performance through personalized training.



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