Can Achieving Fitness And Health Be Smarter?

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Smart fitness is coming to Pasadena. Soon. 


As many know by now, Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists is relocating after 15 years, within a mile down the road,  to a more spacious office, with more onsite parking and a large gym space. Finally our movement and manual based PT business will have space to spread out and offer much more for Life-time of health.  In that 7,400 sf gym space, which we will refer to as a “lab” for reasons later to be explained, there will be many of the familiar things you see in many gyms. Equipment is being ordered now. Some features will include TRX, weight platforms, battle ropes, cables, treadmills, ellipticals, Pilates reformers, and a yoga-plus room. 


But at the center of it all will be Smart-Fit. 


Have you heard of brain fitness ? Or multi-tasking with exercise ? Or dual tasking ?
I don’t mean ‘targeting’ or reaction-only type activities regularly seen on Instagram,  but true cognitive challenges and games, all while performing and endless scope of physical activities. 


The Lakers are using it. 

So are boys and girls clubs.
And so are hospitals and rehab centers. 

USC is researching it. In fact 6 MDs / PhDs and PTs are on the board of directors. 


What on earth could possibly be useful in all of those settings ? 


In future blog posts I will present more detail and science on the concept of smart physical fitness. In general, it is the future of performance and health. With Smart-Fit Inc, specifically, the potential is endless, fun, and customized for tracked improvements. And it is beautifully customized and programmed for each individual who wants to sign up. 


So stay tuned. 

More information coming by social media posts, open houses, and emails. 


It’s about time we made fitness, strength, balance all smarter and … funner.  (not a real word, I know. ;)) 


It’s for ALL ages , ALL skill levels , not-skilled to pros and elites. 


Also, look for Gunnar Peterson’s video  on the site – trainer for the Lakers, and many other videos and descriptions can be found at their website :  I bet you can find something that relates to your own fitness, health, or pursuits. 


Go to :


At Evergreen we are fired up about 2021 . 

And As Cathi Lamberti, CEO of SmartFIt says, “seize the now”

Dave – [email protected] – feel free to contact me with any questions. 

David Johnson is the Owner of  Evergreen PT. He has been a physical therapist for over 25 years and recently completed the Movement Fellowship at Azusa Pacific University. He and his wife Tammy started Evergreen over 14 years ago and have made it their mission to provide exceptional physical therapy care to the Pasadena community and beyond. 




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