Why You Should Try Laser Therapy

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Evergreen PT offers Laser treatments for pain and tissue healing.  

Laser Therapy | Spine and Scoliosis Clinic 

Here’s why I think it is something to consider : 

For the past few years we have used Lightforce Laser treatments to help relieve people’s chronic pain and help heal musculoskeletal injuries faster.

For more information and videos to watch, go to https://www.lightforcemedical.com  


What does a laser actually do ? 

Class 4 laser accelerates the body’s ability to work through inflammation and helps tissues heal more rapidly.  It doesn’t “stop” inflammation, it helps the body fight it better. It superchargers the body's ability to heal on a cellular level. There is a great video on the website showing the tissue process. 


Are lasers all the same ? 

Cold lasers are considered class 3. Ours is better, it’s class 4 and reduces the time required 

per session. And, unlike “cold” lasers,  it can actually feel warm and comfortable. 


When will I feel better ? 

Class 4 laser provides trifecta of “time released”  pain reduction -  early analgesia for reduced pain 0-18 hours, latent analgesia by different mechanism on the nerves 12-24 hours , and tissue healing by stimulating the mitochondria of tissues that are trying to heal, 12-36 hours. Doses add up so people who question it at first, most often start noticing by 3rd or 4th treatment. 


How much time does it take?

Each session: Because we invested in a class 4 laser, most treatments are under 30 minutes and it depends on the size of the area treated. Class 3 would take 30-60 minutes to get the same doses. 


# of weeks: The recommended schedule is 3x/week the first 2 weeks,  followed by 2x/week for 2 weeks, followed by 1x / week for 2 weeks.  Many people are completed by then, or some choose to go to a maintenance protocol of one time per week, or even one time per month. 


How much does it cost ? 

it ranges depending on # of visits. More expensive is around $60 per session. Purchasing 10 visits reduces the cost to $48 for great savings. And there are some packages in between. Insurance doesn't cover Laser for musculoskeletal pain  - it is considered experimental, even with decades of decent research. 


For the more curious you can google “scholar” or pub-med search, but use the medical term for Laser which is ‘photobiomodulation’.  You can also find research and testimonials on the website https://www.lightforcemedical.com  


At Evergreen we have so many tools of the trade that we can bring to the problem of pain and inflammation. We are also very selective and do our own research before we buy into anything. We are grateful that we have this effective “tool”  to help folks live well, with more peace of mind and with less pain. 


Cheers to a  lifetime of your health and peace of mind in 2021!


Email me, Dave, at  [email protected]  - I am always happy to answer any questions. 

Or call Bryan at 626 683 8536 - he can set you up with an appointment.



Dave is the owner and founder of Evergreen Physical Therapy Specialists. He and his wife Tammy, an RN at CHLA, opened Evergreen over 15 years ago to provide the community of Pasadena with specialized and compassionate care. David has over 25 years of experience in orthopedics, neuro-rehabilitation, and pediatric physical therapy. 




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