Concussions are complex and can affect many aspects of a person including sleep patterns, memory & concentration, their ability to multi-task, and moods. It can make every day tasks difficult and take an emotional toll on the person. While physical impairments in balance and equilibrium can be a primary deficit, progress in this area can only be made when treating the other areas of impairment as well. That's why it is so important to not only have a multi-disciplinary approach to managing a concussion, but also finding the right specialists who are up to date on the most current treatment protocols for concussion. At Evergreen, our concussion specialists are trained to help athletes recover and return to sport safely. 


ImPACT Testing

In addition to concussion management services Evergreen also offers ImPACT testing, which provides baseline information for an athlete. This baseline information is important in determining the severity of injury after a concussion and provides key information needed for recovery programs.