Dance better, run better, swim better, hike better, golf better – simply live better.

Discovering what makes for a healthy lifestyle can be complex. But moving better and doing what you enjoy is a great start! .

Do what you do, but do it better!

Your road to a healthy life can be tough or disorganized when you go it alone. Evergreen PT wellness specialists empower you to reach your health and wellness goals and keep you on track.

  • Customized sessions
  • Biomechanical expertise for injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Analysis of sports/ task specific technique
  • Accountability for meeting your goals with encouraging and smart professionals
  • Proactive planning

Evergreen PT Wellness Classes

Our specialist Annette Karim, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, and her team offer a variety of wellness options for community programs and for individuals.

DANCE WELLNESS for the individual: at Evergreen

  • One (1) hour dancer consultation for conditioning/performance enhancement
  • Dance Medicine Wellness Screening pre-professionals
  • DANCE USA Task force screening for professional dancers ( 20 minutes)

DANCE WELLNESS for the schools, academies, studios and clubs: onsite

  • One (1) hour presentation (on-site) free as first time promotion to the group about dancer wellness and injury prevention
  • Group dancer/athlete consultation, with individual evaluations at 15-30 minutes each

One hour educational classes on topics such as:

  • Dancer wellness & injury prevention
  • Dancers and taping
  • Dancers and nutrition
  • Dancers and stress management

Whether a competitive or recreational athlete our doctors of PT and/or orthopedic specialist are here to keep you in your game. We know are already a focused athlete. We also know we can help?

We are committed to many athletes alike, but no two the same. This makes Evergreen different.

  • Take charge of annoying, nagging, recurring aches and pains. They may not be normal or acceptable.
  • Don't assume when pain is gone that you are 100% recovered, avoid chronic recurrence.
  • Use your focus to address inefficiencies. Focus on technique, form and fine-tuning your performance.

Enhance your performance to reach the next level.

We know you want to stay active and healthy. Often “aging” is the excuse for unacceptable pain and balance problems. Let our team of professionals help you take charge of your well being.

  • A thorough evaluation of balance risks
  • Improve confidence/independence
  • Reduce risk of falling
  • Design most effective exercises and strategies for your individual needs
  • Encourage you to reach goals that may seem difficult to attain
  • Health is balancing act. Let us help you

Both one on one training with our aide/ATC staff or independent use of our gym facility with light supervision of the specialists are options..