Christian Flores


Christian was born and raised in Pasadena and spent years into college playing on soccer fields. After graduating from APU he went into a career in sales and marketing, mostly for corporate networking. Noting that he was being pulled into gym environments more and more for his own personal health, he started noticing what he liked and didn’t like. He gym “hopped” and found bits of what he liked at all of them, but nothing that fit the whole of what he was wishing for. When he found out that Evergreen was combining physical therapy and health experts with a place to work out he was “sold”. He spent 9 months with us “absorbing” the concept, getting to know us, and developing it further before he left his “corporate sales” job for this perfect combination. Christian has often stated that now he finally has something he really believes in and the “sales” is really not that, but it’s an easy conversation about something we all value.