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How Laser Therapy Works

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Veterinarian Medicine Miracles with Laser Treatment: Injured Penguin Receives Laser Therapy

How does Laser Therapy Work?

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy works to accelerate your body's own natural healing through a process called Photobiomodulation (PBM). Simply put, this process involves the cells of your muscles absorbing light from the laser, which serves to speed up cell repair in a similar way to how plants use the sun's light to grow!

Inflammation is your body's natural response to injury.

When your body is injured the first step it takes to repair the damaged tissue is to increase blood flow to the damaged area causing an inflammation. Inflammation can be painful as more blood flow means there's less space in the surrounding area for movement, becoming swollen, red, and warm to the touch.

Get a "fast-pass" to healing.

A combination of Physical Therapy and Laser Therapy can be your "fast-pass" to healing. Laser Therapy aids in the repairing of damaged tissue by speeding up the healing process. As your body increases blood flow to the injured area, the light from the laser gives energy to the cells responsible for healing tissue and thereby shortening the amount of time spent in the inflammation stage.

Optimize your Physical Therapy

In many cases, Laser Therapy can enhance, and be a game changer for, the healing benefits of Physical Therapy. As your body enters the final stage of healing, called remodeling, the repaired tissue needs to be trained to gain back it's normal functioning. Physical Therapy is beneficial during this training process to regain normal movement and improve strength in order prevent future injuries. Laser Therapy, during Physical Therapy, continues the healing process as you and your therapist work towards getting back to normal, naturally.

Some of the Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Can be an alternative to surgery and medications
  • Effective in treating acute or chronic conditions
  • Easy non-invasive treatment
  • Scientifically proven and FDA approved treatment
  • Results usually seen within 3-5 treatments


Providing a solution that didn't exist before, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has become a preferred treatment by those who have long sought relief without success. Its ability to impact pain on a cellular level provides pain relief for complex and simple conditions alike.

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