Athlete Performance

Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete the doctors of physical therapy and the specialists in orthopedics and strength and conditioning are here to keep you in your game. We know that you are a focused athlete. We can help you reap the rewards of that kind of focus with our expertise and understanding of the athlete, the whole body, and the psyche of competitors.

We know there are many athletes alike, but there are no two the same. This makes Evergreen different. You will be seen as the individual that you are competing against self or others in the sports that you are. No "one-size-fits-all” here.

  • Take charge of annoying, nagging, recurring aches and pains. They may not be normal or acceptable.
  • Don't assume when pain is gone that you are 100% recovered, see a physical therapist to avoid chronic recurrence.
  • Use your athletic focus to address inefficiencies before they become injuries. Focus on your technique, your form and fine-tuneyour performance.

Enhance your performance to reach the next level.

What our Athlete Performance clients are saying

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